• the chance to work on a real research project for six weeks
  • travel and accommodation to attend the Big Day In student conference in Melbourne
  • a six-week award of $450/week (total $2,700)
  • scholarships are open to intending honours and masters students




  • Working with an academic who was enthusiastic about teaching some interesting higher level mathematics.

    John McCarthyThe University of Adelaide
  • I enjoyed meeting future collaborators and looking at all of the difference areas of mathematical research

    Russell EdsonThe University of Adelaide
  • Meeting new people in a state I had never been and meeting some notable people whilst conducting my research and I would never have got this opportunity if it wasn't for AMSI and the research scholarship

    Logan HaamiUniversity of Technology Sydney
  • It was a really fun atmosphere, while still allowing me to a learn a bunch of new things in areas I didn't expect to be interested in

    Abdul Zreika The University of Sydney
  • It was a great introduction for what to expect when pursuing post-grad studies in mathematics

    Jamieson Kaiser Monash University
  • Modelling Surface Water Flow in The Lower Campaspe Catchment
    Modelling Surface Water Flow in The Lower Campaspe Catchment
    By Yinli Wang, The Australian National University  Water resource is essential to human’s survival and is also affecting many aspects of our life, including economics, health, and environment. Australia is one of the driest country in the world and yet the annual average water consumption per capita is among the highest. The largest two uses […]
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  • Arson
    By Shane Henry, The University of Melbourne Arson is a major issue in Australian summers, particularly in Victoria, where there have been approximately 5,000 maliciously lit fires per year since 2000. Our project was aimed at statistically examining ignition patterns of arsonists, to determine if there are any links between locations of fire ignition points […]
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  • Untangling Knot Theory
    Untangling Knot Theory
    By Abdul Zreika, The University of Sydney So, say you’re at home on a typical Friday night, having the time of your life untying and retying your shoelace knots over and over again, wishing that there was some way you could just drop out of your course and spend the rest of your life studying […]
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