2013/14 Wrap Up

The 2013/14 Vacation Research Scholarship program was a great success with 57 scholarships awarded to students from all across Australia. The scholarships enabled students to conduct research during their summer holidays, across a wide range of areas in mathematics.

Projects ranged from the pure projects like ‘de Rham’s Theorem via Cech Cohomology’ and ‘The Fundamental Groupoid’ to applied projects like ‘Bayesian inference for cancer-related signalling networks’ and ‘Mathematical Modelling of Bone Tissue Regulation’.

Full list of projects with accompanying reports here.

Students all got the opportunity to present there research at the two day, Big Day In event hosted by CSIRO at the University of New South Wales. This conference gave most students their first opportunity to present research in front of academics and their peers. The presentations were all really well received with book prizes awarded for the best presentations on each day.

As well as the Big Day In presentation students wrote blog posts with the purpose of improving their ability to present their research to the general public. These blogs were of a similarly high standard to the research reports and were all posted on the AMSI website and distributed by social media.

See all the blogs here.

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