43 Vacation Research Scholarship students from 16 AMSI Member Universities are currently undertaking research with a supervisor for their chosen project.  Each student will prepare a research report and blog for submission, as well as present their research and findings at AMSIConnect in February.

The VRS reports, blogs and profiles are written and proofed by individual authors and supervisors. Any of the opinions or work presented in these reports and blogs is that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Mathematical Sciences or any of its staff.


VRS Student Profiles and Project Abstracts are available via the Student Profile. Please click on the arrow under DETAILS to view.

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Australian National University James Bailie Vigleik Angeltveit Stable Homotopy Theory and Category of Spectra
Federation University Leonard Whitehead Alexander Kruger Visualisation of Subdifferentials  
La Trobe University Melissa Scott Agus Salim Statistical Challenges and Approaches in Analysis of Small-RNA Sequencing Data
La Trobe University Jonathan Baldwin Yuri Nikolayevsky & Grant Cairns Hopf Fibration
La Trobe University Daniel Vidali Fryer Andriy Olenko Functionals of Long-range Dependent Fields and Hermite Distributions
La Trobe University James Koussas Tomasz Kowalski Complex Algebras of Graphs
La Trobe University Luke Agosta Yuri Nikolayevsky & Grant Cairns Unital Associative Algebras over the Field ℝ and How They Relate to the Groups SU(2) and Spin(3)
Monash University Samuel Schneider Hans De Sterk & Gregoire Loeper Neural Networks: Algorithms and Applications
Monash University Peizheng Ni Daniel Mathews & Norman Do Counting Curve on Surface
Monash University Antony Kennett Kais Hamza & Andrea Collevecchio The Percolation of Cellular Automata
Monash University Randall Chu Hans De Sterck Numerical Optimisation Methods for Big Data Analytics
Queensland University of Technology Sean McInerney Matthew Simpson & Elliot Carr How to Cool Burns Using Maths
Queensland University of Technology Phuong Tran Chris Drovandi Statistical Methods for Accelerometer Data
RMIT University Fei Lu Vera Roshchina Unfoldings of Polytopes
Swinburne University of Technology Oliver Clemenston Tonghua Zhang Time Delays in Gene Expression
The University of Adelaide Lachlan Bridges Giang Nguyen The Effect of Boundary Constraints on Markov-Modulated Diffusion Processes
The University of Adelaide Jessica Penfold Lewis Mitchell Investigating the Causal Link Between Influenza and Climate Factors in Australia
The University of Adelaide Bethany Phipps Patricia Solomon & Tyman Stanford Survival Data Analysis for Improving Patient Outcomes
The University of Adelaide Adam Hamilton Matthew Roughan Backpacking in a World of Secrets
The University of Adelaide Kim Becker Daniel Stevenson How To Assemble Simplicial Sets
The University of Adelaide Nicholas McLean Finnur Lárusson Chaotic Dynamics on the Riemann Sphere
The University of Melbourne William Troiani Daniel Murfet Programming in Three Dimensions
The University of Melbourne Nicolau Andres Thio Charl Ras An Heuristic Algorithm for the Minimum Weight Triangulation
The University of Melbourne Robert Dusanovic Thomas Quella Topological Invariants in Quantum Systems
The University of Melbourne Edmund Lau Barry Hughes Extending Stochastic Agent-Based Model for Evolutionary Dynamics of Phenotype-Structured Population
The University of Melbourne Alexander Nunn John Sader & Jesse Collis Flapping of Leaves and Inverted Flags in a Steady Flow
The University of Melbourne Qiuyi Li Yan-ban Chan & Nathan Clisby Endless Self-Avoiding Walks in Two Dimensions
The University of Melbourne Nicholas Liu John Sader & Daniel Ladiges Monte Carlo Simulation of Low Mach Number Oscillatory Couette Flow and Applications
The University of Newcastle Joshua Connor Brian Alspach & Thomas Kalinowski Cycle Spectrum for Honeycomb Toroidal Graphs
The University of Newcastle Jacob Crawford Brian Alspach & Thomas Kalinowski Hamiltonian-Laceability in Honeycomb Toroidal Graphs
The University of Newcastle Elliot Catt Pablo Moscato & Luke Mathieson Edge Elimination for the Hamiltonian Cycle Problem
The University of Queensland Seamus Albion Ole Warnaar & Chul-Hee Lee Characters and q-series
The University of Queensland Julia Lynch Toby Meadows Forcing and Set-theoretic Geology
The University of Queensland Adele Jackson Benjamin Burton The Unknotting Problem and Fixed-Parameter Tractability
The University of Sydney Terry Shang Robert Marangell & Holger Dullin Hill Equation with Complex Potential
The University of Sydney Courtney Darville Nathan Brownlowe Characterising Unitaries in Leavitt Algebras
The University of Sydney Timothy Collier Daniel Hauer The Time-dependent De Georgi Method for Operators
The University of Sydney Asem Wardak Stephan Tillmann Negatively Curved Structures in Dimensions Three and Four via Discrete Geometry
The University of Western Australia Stephen Lamb Lyle Noakes Classical Problems in Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control
University of South Australia Alycia Winter Yalçın Kaya Study of a Generalized Newton Method for Solution of Nonlinear Equations
University of Wollongong Wern Shing Ng Mark Nelson Harvesting Algae: The Green Gold of The Future
University of Wollongong Kyle Stevens James McCoy & Ngamta Thamwattana Modelling Range Expansion of Invasive Species
Western Sydney University Olivia Michael Oliver Obst Representation Learning for Mobile Robots in Dynamic Environments  
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