McCarthy_JohnJohn McCarthy

The University of Adelaide


John is a 19 year old student at The University of Adelaide studying Mathematics and Physics concurrently.

John was born in Adelaide and attended St Pius X primary school. John studied at Glenunga International High School where he received DUX of SACE in 2013, along with 3 merits awarded by the Governor of South Australia, in Maths, Chemistry and the Research Project.

John’s Grandfather, Michael Dinn, worked at the Honeysuckle Creek tracking station during the Apollo missions, and was in charge during the transmission of the Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon to the world. This inspired an interest in space and physics from an early age, which was also fostered by John’s older brother who also studied physics at university.

An avid self-learner, John discovered in his last year of high school and first year of university that the mathematics behind physics was as interesting as the physics itself, and in 2015 decided to transfer from his chosen program of Aerospace Engineering and physics into pursuing pure mathematics.

John’s research interests include pure mathematics and its applications to theoretical physics, including areas such as differential geometry, and algebraic topology.

Outside of study, John’s hobbies include playing competitive video games and weightlifting for fitness.

Lorentzian Surfaces

The aim of this research project is to investigate the properties of Lorentzian surfaces; two dimensional oriented manifolds with a Lorentzian metric. Such surfaces provide an approach to understanding complicated properties of general Lorentzian manifolds, such as their casual structure, geodesic completeness and the existence of singularities.

In particular, the Misner space will be investigated, This surface exhibits many paradoxical properties not commonly encountered in standard spacetimes, such as closed time-like curves and geodesic incompleteness. In addition, the conformal geometry of such surfaces will be investigated.

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