By Shane Henry, The University of Melbourne Arson is a major issue in Australian summers, particularly in Victoria, where there have been approximately 5,000 maliciously lit fires per year since [...]

Just Cause

By Dimitrio Sidi, University of Western Australia There is a popular video game series called Just Cause where players control a character whose objective is to liberate towns from the rule of an [...]

Maths and Me

By Angus Lewis, The University of Adelaide It’s summer in Australia and Christmas is coming. Friends and family travel from across the country to be together. It’s very exciting for [...]

My Maths History

By Sarah Gazelle, RMIT University  As a child I never had an interest to learn mathematics and I never particularly enjoyed it. I was shocked on my first day of Year 6 when my teacher told me and [...]

Complex Numbers

By Penelope Drastik, University of Wollongong What is the square root of -1? Most people would say that it doesn’t exist. Since the product of two positive numbers is positive, and the product of [...]

In News


By Terence Harris, The University of New South Wales In everyday life, images can be seen reflecting off the surface of a lake, a tinted window, or more commonly, through a mirror. Most mirrors [...]