Vacation Research Scholarships

AMSI Vacation Scholars experience life as a researcher – undertaking research, compiling research projects, submitting blogs, and presenting to peers and supervisors at AMSI’s student conference (AMSIConnect) at the end of the summer.

Each year AMSI funds and supports university students from around Australia to spend their summer holidays working on research projects with a supervisor. These scholarships are open to intending honours and masters students, and are a fantastic opportunity to broaden your academic interests and experience.

By participating in AMSI’s Vacation Research Scholarship program, you’ll gain:

  • The chance to work on a real research project for six weeks
  • A six-week award of $450 per week (a total of $2,700)
  • The opportunity to present your work to a group of your peers
  • Travel and accommodation for the duration of AMSIConnect (formerly Big Day In)




Latest News/Blogs

  • Antony’s Maths Journey
    Antony’s Maths Journey
    By Antony Kennett, Monash University Mathematics has always been a huge part of my life. My parents love to tell me the story of the time I decided to fill in an entire maths book before I could [...]
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  • Maths Is Magic
    Maths Is Magic
    By Alycia Winter, University of South Australia I have always been passionate about mathematics. This is due to how you can find it anywhere. You use it when you shop or when you cook. It is also [...]
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  • Leonard’s Maths Journey
    Leonard’s Maths Journey
    By Leonard Whitehead, Federation University My interest in optimisation first started when I was still in high school. The idea of being able to maximise or minimise anything seemed almost [...]
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The AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship Program is jointly funded by the Department of Education and Training and the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, with additional support from the BHP Billiton Foundation (supporting the Choose Maths initiative) 


  • Working with an academic who was enthusiastic about teaching some interesting higher level mathematics.

    John McCarthy The University of Adelaide
  • I enjoyed meeting future collaborators and looking at all of the difference areas of mathematical research

    Russell Edson The University of Adelaide
  • Meeting new people in a state I had never been and meeting some notable people whilst conducting my research and I would never have got this opportunity if it wasn't for AMSI and the research scholarship

    Logan Haami University of Technology Sydney
  • It was a really fun atmosphere, while still allowing me to a learn a bunch of new things in areas I didn't expect to be interested in

    Abdul Zreika The University of Sydney
  • It was a great introduction for what to expect when pursuing post-grad studies in mathematics

    Jamieson Kaiser Monash University
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