“It was great getting to meet so many like‐minded and talented
mathematics students. The guest speakers were also really
enlightening and the careers talk especially was very useful.”

Ruebena Dawes, The University of Sydney

AMSIConnect 2022

9–11 February | VRS Student Conference

AMSIConnect is an exclusive national conference for AMSI Vacation Research Scholars near the completion of their projects. The three-day conference gives VRS students the opportunity to present their summer research findings to their peers and academic supervisors. The 2022 conference will allow students to present and network virtually.

Academic supervisors are invited to join their AMSI Vacation Research Scholars for AMSIConnect.

Please note: participation at AMSIConnect for the full duration of the event is compulsory and a condition of accepting an AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship.

Student presentations

Each student will be allocated 20 minutes in the conference program and should prepare a 15-minute presentation of their research. The remaining five minutes are for the chair to introduce the speaker, a short question-and-answer session and presentation changeover time. This is a highly valuable exercise, which provides a platform to practise presenting within a professional conference capacity.

If you’re unsure about what content is appropriate for your presentation, speak to your academic supervisor about how to structure and convey your research in a professional and engaging capacity.

A prize is awarded each year to the best presenter(s) as voted by the audience.

Opportunities to connect

AMSIConnect provides students with an opportunity to network, engage in debate and conversation, and delve deeper into the research performed over the summer.

Outside of academic pursuits, the AMSIConnect 2022 program will include icebreakers and social events.

Program Outline

Program times below are AEDT (Melbourne/Canberra/Sydney)
Please adjust accordingly depending on where you will be participating from.

Day 1
Day One — Wednesday 9 February
11.00am AMSIConnect welcome
11.15am Guest speaker: Life as a Researcher
11.45pm Icebreaker activity
12.20pm Break
1.00pm Student presentations
2.40pm Break
3.00pm AMSIConnect trivia
4.30pm Day One wrap-up
Day 2
Day Two — Thursday 10 February
11.00am Welcome
11.05am Guest speaker: Life as a PhD Student
11.40am Student presentations
12.40pm Break
1.40pm Student presentations
3.00pm Break
3.20pm Student presentations
4.20pm Day Two wrap-up
Day 3
Day Three — Friday 11 February
11.00am Welcome
11.00am Student presentations
12.20pm Break
1.00pm Student presentations
2.40pm Break
3.00pm Student presentations
3.40pm Guest speaker: Careers
4.20pm AMSIConnect wrap-up

This program outline is a guide only and subject to change

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