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An Ran Chen is a third year student in the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) programme at the ANU. During her time on exchange in the Budapest Semester in Mathematics, she became interested in graph theory and the idea of random graphs, which lead her to pursue this research project. As an indecisive undergraduate maths student, she is interested in learning all kinds of mathematics as well as the occasional courses in anthropology and computer science. However, she does plan on completing an honours year of mathematics in 2017.

An Ran Chen interests outside of academics are hanging precariously from a rope climbing rocks and listening to classical music.

Random Planar Graphs

In this project, I wish to investigate random models which generate graphs that can be embedded onto the plane (or on a surface). Additionally, I plan to consider the links these random graph models have with knots and consider the notion and properties of the ‘expected knot’.

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