40 Vacation Research Scholarship students from 12 AMSI Member Universities are currently undertaking research with a supervisor for their chosen project.  Each student will prepare a research report and blog for submission, and will present their research and findings at AMSIConnect in February.

The VRS reports, blogs and profiles are written and proofed by individual authors and supervisors. Any of the opinions or work presented in these reports and blogs is that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Mathematical Sciences or any of its staff.


VRS Student Profiles and Project Abstracts are available via the Student Profile. Please click on the arrow under DETAILS to view.

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University Student Supervisor(s) Project title Details
The University of Adelaide Rose Crocker Associate Professor Sanjeeva Balasuriya Extracting coherently moving flow structures from fluid flows vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-rose-crocker/
The University of Adelaide Miriam Slattery Dr Giang Nguyen Optimal Animal Foraging in a Two-Dimensional World vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-miriam-slattery/
The University of Adelaide Tobin South Dr Lewis Mitchell, Professor Matthew Roughan Network Analysis of the Spotify Artist Collaboration Graph vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-tobin-south/
The University of Adelaide Michael Ucci Professor Patty Solomon, Associate Professor John Moran Using Meta-Analysis and
Statistical Learning
to Identify Sepsis Biomarkers
The University of Adelaide James Beck Professor Patty Solomon A statistical study to validate the ICON-S staging system for a South Australian cohort of patients with HPV-positive Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-james-beck/
The Australian National University Jane Tan Dr Vigleik Angeltveit Spectral sequences in algebraic topology vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-jane-tan/
The Australian National University (The University of Sydney) Edric Wang Associate Professor Scott Morrison Tensor Categories vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-edric-wang/
The Australian National University Dominique Douglas-Smith Associate Professor Barry Croke Nonlinear unit hydrograph models of rainfall-streamflow events for water quality analysis vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-dominique-douglas-smith/
Federation University Tanya Pedersen Dr Diederik Roijers, Dr Dean Webb, Associate Professor Peter Vamplew Determining and Evaluating Bounded Algorithms for MOMAB vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-tanya-pedersen/
La Trobe University Yao Tang Dr Grant Cairns, Dr Yuri Nikolayevsky Algebra and geometry of quandles vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-yao-tang/
La Trobe University Patrick Adams Dr Yuri Nikolayevsky, Dr Grant Cairns Planar Graphic Sequences vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-patrick-adams/
The University of Melbourne Jiangrong Ouyang Dr Sophie Hautphenne Stochastic models for populations with a carrying capacity vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-jiangrong-ouyang/
The University of Melbourne Bing Liu Dr Laleh Tafakori Forecasting of Realised Variance Measure vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-bing-liu/
The University of Melbourne Benjamin Metha Dr Jennifer Flegg Modelling the spread of malaria and antimalarial drug resistance vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-benjamin-metha/
The University of Melbourne Tianhe Xie Professor David Balding, Dr Jennifer Flegg The population history of indigenous Australians: what can the available genetic data tell us? vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-tianhe-xie/
The University of Melbourne Finn McGlade Dr Yaping Yang, Professor Arun Ram Notes on alcove path models and affine Springer fibres vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-finn-mcglade/
Monash University Marcus Pensa Dr Mark Flegg An inverse modified Helmholtz problem for identifying morphogen sources from sliced biomedical image data vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-marcus-pensa/
Monash University Robert Hickingbotham Professor Andreas Ernst Splitting integer linear programs with a Lagrangian axe vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-robert-hickingbotham/
Monash University Sean Malcolm Dr Norman Do Parallelogram polyominoes, partitions and polynomials vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-sean-malcolm/
Monash University Michael Fotopoulos Dr Yann Bernard Functionals of higher-order derivatives of curvature for surfaces vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-michael-fotopoulos/
Monash University Tim Banova Dr Michael Payne Colouring intersection graphs of
complete geometric graphs
Monash University Phillip Luong Professor Hans De Sterck, Professor Grégoire Loeper Numerical Optimisation Applied to Monte Carlo Algorithms for Finance vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-phillip-luong/
Monash University Asama Qureshi Dr Yann Bernard, Ting-Ying Chang Estimating constants in generalised Wente-type estimates vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-asama-qureshi/
Monash University Drew Mitchell Professor Hans De Sterck Numerical Optimisation Methods for Big Data Analytics vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-drew-mitchell/
Monash University Liam Hernon Dr Norman Do, Dr Josh Howie Knots, polynomials and triangulations vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-liam-hernon/
The University of Newcastle Riley Cooper Dr Hamish Waterer Lot Sizing on a Cycle vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-riley-cooper/
The University of Sydney Leo Jiang Dr Zsuzsanna Dancso Niemeier Lattices and Homological Algebra vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-leo-jiang/
The University of Sydney Yilun He Associate Professor Uri Keich, Kristen Emery Confidence control for false discovery proportion vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-yilun-he/
The University of Sydney Yueyi Sun Professor Beniamin Goldys Can we make money using the game theory? vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-yueyi-sun/
The University of Sydney Ruebena Dawes Dr Michelle Dunbar Mathematics in Medicine: Using Optimisation to Improve Cancer Treatment vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-ruebena-dawes/
The University of Sydney Syamand Hasam Associate Professor Uri Keich The Effects of Dependency in False Discovery Estimation Using Target-Decoy Competition vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-syamand-hasam/
Queensland University of Technology Tamara Tambyah Professor Matthew Simpson Incorporating FUCCI technology in discrete random walk models of collective cell spreading vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-tamara-tambyah/
Queensland University of Technology Joel Rutten Dr Pascal Buenzli, Professor Matthew Simpson Patterns in Turing patterns: sequential growth and the inhibitory cascade vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-joel-rutten/
Queensland University of Technology Jacob Ryan Professor Scott McCue Reaction diffusion models for cell motion vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-jacob-ryan/
Queensland University of Technology Steven Kedda Professor Fawang Liu Parameter Estimation for the Fractional Order Nonlinear Dengue and Epidemic Models vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-steven-kedda/
Swinburne University of Technology Chrishan Christesious Aloysious Dr Tonghua Zhang Time delays in modelling the bubble chain system vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-chrishan-christesious-aloysious/
The University of Western Australia Vishnu Mangalath Professor Lyle Noakes Simplicial homology and computation from nerves vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-vishnu-mangalath/
University of Wollongong Angus Alexander Associate Professor Adam Rennie, Professor Alan Carey Dirac operators on manifolds and applications to physics vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-angus-alexander/
University of Wollongong Quinn Patterson Associate Professor Adam Rennie, Professor Alan Carey Differential operators on manifolds and positive scalar curvature vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-quinn-patterson/
University of Wollongong Lachlann O'Donnell Dr Glen Wheeler Fully nonlinear curvature flow vrs.amsi.org.au/student-profile-lachlann-odonnell/
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