Sixty-nine AMSI Vacation Research Scholars from 20 AMSI Member universities are currently undertaking supervised research for their chosen project. Each student will prepare a research report and blog for submission, and will present their research and findings at AMSIConnect in February 2019.

The VRS reports, blogs and profiles are written and proofed by individual authors and supervisors. Any of the opinions or work presented in these reports and blogs are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Australian Mathematical Sciences or any of its staff.


Meet the current AMSI Vacation Research Scholars and learn about their projects by viewing the Student Profiles.

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University Student Supervisor(s) Project title Details
The University of Adelaide Alexander Lai De Oliveira
Professor Finnur Larusson
Schemes and Their Functors of Points
The University of Adelaide James McCusker Dr Thomas Leistner
Quarternions and Octonions
The University of Adelaide John Davey Dr Lewis Mitchell Do the Rich get Richer on Reddit?
The University of Adelaide Scott Carnie-Bronca Dr Giang Nguyen A Markov-Chain-Based Investigation into Renewable Energy Storage in South Australia
The University of Adelaide William Abbottt Dr Giang Nguyen Modelling Wind Farm Power Output Using Hidden Markov Models and its Implications for
South Australian Wind Farms
The Australian National University Alexander Cox Dr Michael Norrish Proof of Calculi Equivalence in the HOL Theorem Prover
The Australian National University Douglas Coulter Dr Laurence Field Harmonic Functions and Brownian Motion
The Australian National University James Martini Professor Steve Roberts Uncertainty Quantification and Aerofoil Simulations
The University of Sydney Michael Zhao Associate Professor Stephan Tillmann Trisecting Hyperbolic 4-
Deakin University Rudra Kumar Sophie McKenzie, Dr Shaun Bangay Evaluating an Augmented-Reality Experience to Determine Play Strategies
La Trobe University Emily Groves Dr Yuri Nikolayevsky, Associate Professor Grant Cairns Drawings of the Complete Graphs K_5 and K_6, and the Complete Bipartite Graph K_{3,3}
La Trobe University Jade Bujeya Dr Toen Castle, Dr Hien Nguyen Chemical Geometry and Topology
La Trobe University Kevin Newman Dr Natalie Karavarsamis, Dr Hien Nguyen Is Anybody Home? Modelling Frog Occupancy at the La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary
La Trobe University Phillip Newbold Dr Natalie Karavarsamis An R Package for Occupancy Model Parameter Estimation Using the Two-Stage Approach
Macquarie University Andy Tang Dr Georgy Sofronov Analysis of Chances of Winning in a Poker Game: Combinatorial Probability and the Law of Large Numbers
Macquarie University Hugh Entwistle Dr Georgy Sofronov Rate of Convergence for the Central Limit Theorem
Macquarie University Shay Tobin Dr Frank Valckenborgh The Geometric and Probabilistic Structure of Classical Physical Theories
The University of Melbourne Adrian Hendrawan Putra Dr Marcy Robertson
A Topological Study of the Grothendieck-Teichmüeller Group
The University of Melbourne Alex Savvinos Professor John Sader Propulsion of Small-Scale Devices in Gas
The University of Melbourne Amir Farid Kaveh Professor James McCaw
Modelling the Effect of Multidrug Therapy on the Dynamics of Influenza A Infection in a Human Host
The University of Melbourne Jonathon Liu Dr Thomas Wong, Dr Nicholas Beaton Directed Walk Model for Polymer Propagation
The University of Melbourne Leo Li Dr Thomas Wong, Dr Nicholas Beaton Polymer Models and Directed Walks
The University of Melbourne Somya Mehra Dr Jennifer Flegg, Professor James McCaw Developing a Within-Host Model for Plasmodium Vivax in an Endemic Setting
The University of Melbourne Stephen Zhang Professor Barry Hughes Multi-Species Exclusion Processes with Motion Persistence
The University of Melbourne Tim Kay Professor John Sader, Jesse Collis Hydrodynamic Particle Trapping in Microvortices
Monash University Chang Yu Wang Associate Professor Todd Oliynyk Gravitational Waves: A Mathematical Analysis
Monash University Eliza Jones Dr Anja Slim Dynamics of Compound Droplets
Monash University Kshitija Vaidya Dr Santiago Barrera Acevedo Cocyclic Hadamard
Monash University Kyria Wawryk Dr Leo Brewin Precession of the Perihelia in a Schwarzschild Spacetime
Monash University Siksha Sivaramakrishnan Dr Julie Clutterbuck Symmetrisations and Other Rearrangement Inequalities
Murdoch University Michelle Gardiner Dr Gerd Schroeder-Turk A Computational Mathematics Study of Disordered Analogues of Triply-Periodic Minimal Surfaces
University of Newcastle Alastair Anderberg Dr David Robertson Random Walks on Derived Graphs
University of Newcastle Chloe Wilkins Dr Bishnu Lamichhane Modelling with Differential Equations
University of Newcastle Max Carter Professor George Willis Free Products of Graphs
University of Newcastle Peter Groenhout Professor George Willis, Dr Colin Reid Simple Groups of Infinite Matrices
University of Newcastle William Roland-Batty Dr Jeffrey Hogan Fourier Optics, Hermite Functions and Prolates
Queensland University of Technology Christyn Wood Dr Elliot Carr Calculating Thermal Diffusivity from Laser Flash Experiments
Queensland University of Technology Jamie Owen Dr Belinda Spratt Outpatient Scheduling in Public Hospitals
Queensland University of Technology Kanupriya Agarwal Associate Professor Michael Bode How to Measure a Halo
Queensland University of Technology Ryan Watson Dr Elliot Carr Extracting Insight Into Advection-Dispersion Processes Through Moment Analysis
Queensland University of Technology Solene Hegarty-Cremer Dr Pascal Buenzli, Professor Matthew Simpson A Grid-Based Particle Method for Solving Hyperbolic Curvature Flows
RMIT Daniel Glasson Dr Graham Clarke Cayley Graphs of Finite Semigroups
RMIT Daniel Molent Professor Andrew Eberhard Experiments with Trust Regions and the BFGS Method in Nonsmooth Optimisation
RMIT Genevieve Batten Dr Stephen Davis Mathematical Modelling of the Long-Term Dynamics of Cyprinid Herpes Virus 3
RMIT Guo Feng Anders Yeo Dr Vural Aksakalli Key Phrase Identification and Clustering in Internet Advertising
RMIT Shidan Liu Dr Laleh Tafakori Predicting Behaviour of Financial Systems Based on a Multivariate GARCH Perspective and Dynamical Network
The University of Sydney John Su Dr Emi Tanaka Diagnostic Tools for Linear Mixed Models
The University of Sydney Nicholas Fazio Associate Professor Peter Kim Mathematical Modeling of Mating Strategies among Primates
The University of Sydney Timothy Lapuz Dr Milena Radnovic Modelling of Infectious Diseases
The University of Sydney William Trad Dr Daniel Hauer Powers of Maximal Monotone Operators
University of New England Daniel Sykes Professor Gerd Schmalz Rigid Spheres and Algebraically Special Solutions in General Relativity
University of New England Mitchell Harris Dr Thomas Kalinowski Convex Hulls of Graphs of Structured Bilinear Functions
University of South Australia Maria Kapsis Dr Amie Albrecht Optimal Partitioning of Photovoltaic Cells on a Curved Solar Collector kapsis/
University of South Australia Thomas Miller Dr Peng Zhou, Dr Peter Pudney Optimal Cruise Control with Dual Electric Motors
UNSW Ian Powell Associate Professor Jake Olivier, Dr Maarit Laaksonen Estimating Population Attributable Fractions in the Presence of Competing Risks
UNSW Rumi Salazar Professor Michael Cowling The Shape of a Drum
University of Wollongong James Lawless Associate Professor Adam Rennie, Ben Whale Measure Theoretic Definition of Black Hole Area
University of Wollongong Ngoc Lan Chi (Emma) Nguyen Dr Xiaoping Liu Laplace Transform Approach to Pricing Convertible Bonds
University of Wollongong Theresa O'Brien Associate Professor Mark Nelson A Giggle a Minute: Agent-Based Modelling of Laughter Propagation in an Audience
University of Wollongong Vivien Yeung Associate Professor Mark Nelson Baking Cake: A Mathematical Model
University of Queensland Gavrilo Sipka Dr Valentin Buciumas Fusion Categories from Representations of Quantum sl(2) at Roots of Unity
University of Queensland Jackson Ryder Professor Diane Donovan Adoption of Agricultural Technologies in African Countries
University of Queensland Jacquie Omnet Dr Chris van der Heide Non-Uniqueness and Singularities in Geometric Partial Differential Equations
University of Queensland Rohin Berichon Dr Ramiro Lafuente Closed Geodesics on Euclidean Homogeneous Spaces
University of Technology Sydney Daniel Condon Dr Adel Rahmani Applications of Artificial Neural Networks to Structured Datasets
University of Technology Sydney Thomas Goodwin Professor Anthony Dooley The Mathematics of Neuron Flows in the Brain
University of Western Australia James Evans Dr John Bamberg The Symmetries of Generalised Polygons
Western Sydney University Sajit Gurubacharya Dr Laurence Park Detection of Racism in Social Networks
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