D Briggs

Debra Briggs

Federation University


Debra Briggs was born and grew up in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, where she currently lives with her partner, Mark, and her toddler son, Jackson. She has had an interest in mathematics from a very young age.

After travelling around Europe in 2011, Debra was inspired to return to university to study mathematics. She is currently enrolled in Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences/Bachelor of Education. Debra is a recipient of the AMSI Vacation Scholarship 2015/2016 and intends to go on to post graduate studies in mathematics.

Comprehensive Catalogue Of Polyhedra

Complete catalogues of polyhedra with up to 8 vertices or 8 faces were given by D. Britton and J. D. Dunitz, and P. J. Federico. The aim of this project is to illuminate these

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