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Speak to the AMSI Member Representative or mathematical sciences department at your home university about your eligibility and how you can identify a suitable research project and supervisor.


AMSI Vacation Research Scholarships are open to undergraduate students who:

  • Are Australian citizens or permanent residents (high-achieving international students may also apply)
  • Are currently enrolled at an AMSI Member university
  • Are currently in their third year doing a major in the mathematical sciences or a cognate discipline (outstanding second-year students with the written support of their department will also be considered)
  • Intend to go on to honours and/or postgraduate study in the mathematical sciences, including students doing combined degrees that include mathematics and statistics
  • Have a strong academic record
Information for Students


VRS applicants submit an online application form with the following supporting documents

  • Research proposal (maximum one page) – File name: LASTNAME-ResearchProposal.pdf
  • Statement of results (including the previous semester’s results) – File name: LASTNAME-StatementofResults.pdf
  • Letter of support from project supervisor, including their contact details – File name: LASTNAME-LetterofSupport.pdf

There is no cost associated with this application process. You are advised to complete and submit your application in consultation with your nominated supervisor.

All applications must be received by the closing date, and all applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application via email.  Please see the Key Dates for the projected timelines. Unfortunately, due to the expected volume of applications, AMSI and home universities are unable to provide full feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

If you need to withdraw from the VRS program, please discuss these circumstances with your supervisor. Your university’s Head of Department, AMSI Member Representative and the AMSI Research and Higher Education Manager must then be notified in writing with the reasons for withdrawal as soon as your decision is confirmed. The withdrawal will be reviewed and payment adjusted accordingly.


Students are mentored by a nominated supervisor and should have regular consultation throughout the six-week research project.

If your application is successful, you should discuss with your supervisor and managing university department as soon as possible:

  • The focus of your research
  • How to appropriately prepare your report
  • What should be included in your blog
  • Presentation technique for AMSIConnect

These project reports are published on on the AMSI website, and are shared on AMSI social media channels. Examples of research project reports and blogs previously submitted are available on the Past Projects page.

Sometimes projects need to be refocused or slightly amended in the early stages of research, and changes in supervisor/s may occur. If there are any changes to your research project (including title changes), please email at the earliest possible time.

Note: if these changes are significantly different from the project originally submitted on your application, permission to proceed will have to be obtained from the AMSI Director and the Head of Department at your home university.


The blog post gives Scholars the opportunity to practice discussing research with a wide audience outside of academia. You may choose to discuss:

  • Your research project
  • An area of mathematics that interests you
  • How or why you became interested in mathematics

These blogs are published on on the AMSI website, and are shared on AMSI social media channels. Examples of blog posts previously submitted are available on the Past Projects page.

The blog post should be 300-500 words, and accessible to a non-specialist audience. If you have a relevant photo (to which you own the copyright), please supply it at the time of submission. More information on how to write a blog and the requirements will be communicated to all successful scholarship recipients.


The VRS program follows the Intellectual Policy and Plagiarism policy of the university that you are enrolled in and/or the AMSI partner organisation at which you undertake your project. Please ensure that you are aware of the relevant policies and requirements.


AMSIConnect is a two-day residential conference for AMSI Vacation Research Scholars, providing the unique experience of presenting work to a peer group. Participants and funded to travel and stay in Melbourne, Victoria to present their research projects, participate in a careers panel and attend networking events. Project supervisors are also encouraged to attend.

Each student is allocated 20 minutes in the program to provide an overview of their VRS project, following a set template for slides. There is a best presentation prize up for grabs, awarded according to audience votes.

Note: it is a condition of accepting this scholarship that you attend for the full duration of the AMSIConnect conference (refer to Key Dates for details). Partial attendance is not acceptable, and may result in non-payment. In exceptional circumstances, please contact the VRS organisers at to discuss.


Scholars must submit both the research paper and the blog (after they have been proofed by the project supervisor) via our online form by 28 February 2019.

The research paper should be submitted as a .pdf file, using the AMSI report template and adhering to the AMSI style guide. These will be supplied to all successful applicants. File name: LASTNAME-ResearchPaper.pdf

The blog should be submitted as a .doc file, and any accompanying images should be .jpg files. File name: LASTNAME-Blog.doc, LASTNAME-Image.jpg

Note: Remember to include your LAST NAME in the file names.


Scholars receive a weekly stipend payment of A$500 administered by their home university, or the university at which they are enrolled to undertake a Vacation Research Scholarship. AMSI pays the university by invoice in two instalments:

  • A$2000.00 ex. GST on the award of the scholarship
  • A$1000.00 ex. GST on receipt of the final research paper and blog post

Scholars should speak to their mathematical sciences department to discuss payment arrangements (most AMSI member universities have had Vacation Research Scholars in previous years, and should be aware of the processes).

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