KDuxburyKevin Duxbury

Monash University


Kevin Duxbury is an undergraduate student at Monash University. He is commencing his fourth year studying a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering, specialising in electrical engineering. His Science majors are in Astrophysics and Applied Mathematics.

In Astrophysics, Kevin is interested in Cosmology and simulations of n-bodies under gravitational interactions which is something he hopes to learn more about in 2016. He is also interested in partial differential equations and using software (mainly MATLAB) to apply numerical analysis. Kevin completed units in both of these areas of study in 2015.

Reaction-Diffusion Model For Human Oocyte Symmetry Breaking

The aim of this project is to develop a reaction-diffusion mathematical model to help understand the biochemical mechanisms by which a human oocyte spontaneously break symmetry. The project includes solving partial differential equations analytically in 3D and performing numerical simulations to test hypotheses based on experimental data from the group of Prof. John Carroll, Head of Biomedical Sciences and Dr Wai-Shan Yuen at Monash University.

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