Research Report

Your supervisor will mentor you through your six-week research project and help you prepare for AMSIConnect. Supervisors also will assist with preparation of presentations, arrange a presentation trial run and provide feedback on final reports. Further explanation about a supervisor’s role can be found here.

Examples of what students have previously submitted are available here. Successful VRS students should speak to their supervisors and managing department to determine what exactly would be expected from their studies, and how to appropriately prepare their report. Style guides and templates are available here.

We understand that sometimes these projects need to be refocused, or slightly amended. If this is the case please notify us via email at If these changes are dramatically different from the project originally submitted permission to proceed with have to be granted by the AMSI director and your Head of Department at your home university.

You must also notify us if you change supervisors, unless otherwise notified we will assume the details of your proposed supervisor (listed in your application) are final. When notifying us via email, please include the contact details of your new supervisor.


It is becoming increasingly important for researchers to develop communication skills that enable them to discuss their findings and its importance to an audience outside of academia.

This blog exercise will give you the opportunity to practise discussing your work with that wider audience. The blog post should be 300-500 words and be accessible to a non-specialist audience. An example can be found here. If you have relevant photos (which you own the copyright for) for this blog, please supply them at time of submission, alternatively we can source stock images.

More information on how to write a blog will be distributed to successful scholarship recipients.

These blogs will be published throughout the year on the AMSI website and will be referenced on the AMSI social media channels.


Scholars must submit both the research paper and the blog via our online form by 28 February 2018.

The research paper should be submitted as a .pdf file, using the AMSI Report template and adhering to the AMSI style guide – which can be found here. File name: LASTNAME-ResearchPaper.pdf

The blog should be submitted as a .doc file, and any accompanying images should be .jpg files. File name: LASTNAME-Blog.doc, LASTNAME-Image.jpg

Note: Please remember to include your LAST NAME in the file names.

Intellectual Property

This falls under the IP policy of the university you are enrolled in and/or the AMSI partner organisation you undertake your project with ie. SBI.

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