At the age of 17 years old, I had begun to find interest in mathematics and the sciences, thanks to the enthusiasm and attitude of my teacher at the time. This then lead me to enrol in and complete a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering at Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

Towards the end of that degree I realised how great my love for mathematics and physics were and so, upon completing my degree in 2017, I immediately enrolled in a Bachelors degree of Science (Physics). This is the period of my life when I knew, 100% that I was doing what I really loved and enjoyed. Currently I am in my final year of this degree.

Throughout my science degree, I focused my attention in theoretical quantum physics because I loved the combination of the physical intuition required and its use of mathematics. Being able to accurately describe our reality with fundamental formalisms is an absolutely amazing feeling. I have also focused a lot of my efforts into learning all I can and conducting research (special thanks to AMSI and my supervisor A/Prof Nicolas C. Menicucci)

My current research project on Wigner functions has proven to me that I am in the correct field and only assisted in making me more passionate about learning more. During this project I have learned to; use different coding languages; increase my fluency in professional language skills; perform research and eloquently write a research paper; create academic connections amongst peers.

Looking to the future I hope to expand my knowledge in specific areas of physics such as quantum information, relativistic quantum information (RQI) and quantum computing. All of these are potential areas of interest which I may explore in a Masters degree and PhD. My aspirations beyond PhD lie within academia with an eventual goal to become a professor in theoretical quantum physics. For now I am content in thinking of the future fondly and directing my attention to the completion of my Bachelors degree in Physics at RMIT.

Lucky Antonopoulos
RMIT University

Kanellos Antonopoulos
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