I enjoyed the AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship project. It allowed me to explore the mathematical formulation of a wide array of algorithms as well as explore aspects of the scientific method and machine learning with expert support and guidance.

My project focused on popular natural language processing (NLP) techniques, specifically around word embeddings. I found it most interesting diving into the mathematical formulation of these algorithms. In particular the Word2Vec algorithm, it builds a numerical vector representation of a word, based on the probability of finding words that tend to surround it.

This implementation was fascinating as it suggests that the algorithm can easily be applied to not only text, but to any scenario an event is surrounded by other events. This representation as a vector may reveal relationship that are otherwise not obvious and can allow us to locate similar events.

I have always found it extremely fascinating how formulas derived to model physical phenomena can be applied in abstract to information in order to reveal truly astonishing insights. This project helped me to develop a new-found appreciation for all the astonishing mathematicians, statisticians and physicists that have produced the formulas that I am now lucky enough to play with. It is truly exciting to be alive in an era where so many fascinating discoveries, formula and algorithms are so widely accessible.

The field of data science/machine learning is at an exciting phase of its evolution, and I am lucky enough to be a part of it at the beginning of my career. I hope in the coming years to continually learn and follow my passionate exploration of the mathematics behind the algorithms. I am optimistic about the field’s near future and plan to follow this passion into the area of smart cities focusing on the design of systems to improve our quality of life.

I would like to thank everyone that participated or was involved in this AMSI Vacation Research Scholarship for making such a fantastic opportunity possible.

Daniel Stratti
Western Sydney University

Daniel Stratti
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