My research project was on Group Theory and tiling problems. I had quite a bit of fun working on it, and while I am yet to figure out exactly how useful it will be to the maths world, there is definitely more to learn. I think it could go in any number of directions.

It was great to be able to explore and do what I wanted with the project (of course with the guidance of my excellent supervisors, Chris and Tomasz). I am looking forward to more opportunities like this, as well as seeing the work of my peers as they continue their studies.

Most areas of math are of some interest to me, what I really enjoy is just the process of learning and teaching others as well. Group theory is particularly interesting because I was given the opportunity to study it during my first year at university, so it holds a special spot in my heart. I am looking forward to learning more about topology, among other topics, as I get to the end of my undergrad.

I think I have always been interested in maths – when I was in primary school it was very rewarding, and I really liked being right (I still do), however as I continued my studies I was very lucky (or unlucky) to discover that maths has a lot of grey areas, and that not all of it is as simple as correct or incorrect. I think that pulled me in more, because understanding and knowing things is still just as rewarding as it was when I was 11. I really hope that as I continue working at maths that I can inspire some girls and women to enter STEM and make a difference to the scientific community.

Grace Klimek
La Trobe University

Grace Klimek
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