Chrishan Christesious Aloysious

Swinburne University of Technology


I’m a hardworking, self-confident undergraduate student who wants to attain a Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering position in the future, to use and develop my knowledge and skills while taking up different challenges. To reach my goal I’m always in search of any good opportunities in any form that would help me to develop new skills and improve the skills I possess.

Time delays in modelling the bubble chain system

Consider a bubble in compressible liquid. The well-known Rayleigh-Plesset equation can be used to describe the oscillations of the bubble. When modelling coupled bubbles or bubble-chain, coupling terms should be added showing the interaction between bubbles. Since the sound speed is finite in compressible liquid, time delays should be introduced to the coupling terms when investigating the interacting
behaviour [1]. The effect of time delay on dynamics of coupling bubbles or bubble chain may be significant as in practical situations distances between bubbles may be large enough [2] so that the effect from one bubble to another takes certain amount of time. Analysis of time delay effects has attracted great attentions such as for systems of two bubbles in [1,3] and for bubble chain in [4]. In these studies, authors assumed the time
delays were small enough so that Taylor expansions could be applied to terms with time delays, which resulted in systems of ordinary differential equations, or they just carried out numerical analysis for these systems. Different to their work, we will treat the time delay as a parameter to analyse its effect.

In this project, we aim at investigating the effect of the time delays on dynamics of coupling bubbles or bubble chain.

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