Daniel Sykes

University of New England


Daniel has recently completed his Bachelor of Science, majoring in Mathematics. He is awaiting candidature for a Master of Science, where he wishes to develop and hone his research skills and overall mathematical knowledge. His major interests include differential geometry and complex analysis, but he maintains an overall appreciation, none the less, for mathematics as a whole, be it applied or pure. He hopes that he can utilise this VRS to develop some grounded and fundamental attributes needed to succeed in the realm of Mathematical research.

Rigid Spheres and Algebraically Special Solutions in General Relativity

Recently, Ezhov and Schmalz classified all so-called ‘rigid spheres’, that is CR-manifolds that are equivalent to the Heisenberg group with a choice of a special symmetry. They form a 4-parametric family which intersects with the family studied by Wilson. The aim of the project is to study and to lay out the basics of CR-manifolds and their relation to general relativity, and to investigate if the new examples of rigid spheres can be related to interesting spacetimes.

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