Dominique Douglas-Smith

Australian National University


Dominique has recently completed her second year of undergraduate studies at the ANU. She is studying a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Music, majoring in mathematics and piano performance. Dominique has a strong interest in research and would love to pursue a career in academia.

Nonlinear unit hydrograph models of rainfall-streamflow events for water quality analysis

The aim of this project is to determine whether nonlinear unit hydrograph models will offer better representations of flow peaks. The standard linear unit hydrograph offers a poor reproduction of flow peaks for large events. Analysis of water quality (concentrations and loads of various constituents) requires more accurate representations of flow peaks, as these periods dominate the flow of constituents.
This project aims to develop and analyse a model of the nonlinear unit hydrograph. This will improve the current rainfall-streamflow models and models of water quality.

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