Guo Feng Anders



Guo Feng Anders Yeo (often called Anders) is in his third year of Bachelor of Science (mathematics) at RMIT University. He is interested in everything to do with mathematics, from abstract hypothetical concepts to manipulation of data and everything in between. He is a keen learner of mathematics who enjoys and strives learning things entirely.

Interestingly, Anders has been a violinist since the age of 4 and continues to improve his art.

Key Phrase Identification and Clustering in Internet Advertising

The purpose of this project is to investigate methodologies for identification and clustering of advertising key phrases in Internet advertising, specifically on Google search advertisement networks (Google earns one billion dollars every three days from advertising alone). An efficient approach for an advertiser on Google is to bid on a set of key phrases and the performance of the campaign is dependent on the string of words used as key phrases as well as their grouping into appropriate ad groups. By intelligently selecting key phrases linked to a specific advertisement campaign and then clustering them into similar ad groups, an advertiser can improve overall user experience as well as achieve a better return on its advertisement spending. In this project, we aim to experiment with algorithms to identify a group of efficient key phrases and also implement a layered architecture using clustering and similarity/ dissimilarity metrics specific to a given advertisement campaign.

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