Hugh Entwistle

Macquarie University


Hugh Entwistle is a student at Macquarie University undertaking a Bachelor of Advanced Science specialising in Mathematics and Statistics. His interests lie in probability theory and how mathematical analysis can provide a rigorous structure to probabilistic concepts and statistics. He is an enthusiastic educator and resource developer, currently teaching at Matrix Education where he prepares classes of students for their Higher School Certificate and guides a team of tutors. When not teaching or studying, Hugh can either be found swimming laps or having coffee with his friends and colleagues.

Rate of Convergence for the Central Limit Theorem

The project will explore the background and techniques required to understand more complex variations of the Central Limit Theorem. A deeper exploration of the Barry-Essen Theorem will be undertaken by analysing and simulating the rate of convergence for different distributions and investigating the lower and upper bounds stated in the theorem.

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