Jiangrong Ouyang

The University of Melbourne


Jiangrong Ouyang is a student in the Department of Mathematics (majoring in Statistics) at the University of Melbourne. His interests are around probability and stochastic modelling. His current research lies in branching processes for population modelling.

Stochastic models for populations with a carrying capacity

In this project, we will model the population of an endangered bird species, the black robin.

The project will involve two main objectives which will be tackled using a combination of simulation studies and theoretical developments.

Firstly, we will analyse different population-size dependent branching processes, and develop parameter estimation methods to fit these models to the data. Secondly, we are going to use this model to analyse demographic properties of the population. These include the distribution of the time until extinction, the total progeny size and the probability that the population becomes extinct before reaching a given size.

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