Liam Hernon

Monash University


Liam Hernon is currently a third year student at Monash University, studying a science and engineering double degree. Liam is passionate about pure mathematics and believes the charm of finding a simple solution to a complicated problem is what makes it so appealing. He is particularly interested in pursuing a research career, hoping to make contributions of his own.

Aside from mathematics, Liam enjoys playing guitar and chess in his spare time.

Knots, polynomials and triangulations

Many recent developments in knot theory have been driven by a web of conjectures that relate quantum invariants and classical invariants. These conjectures are widely considered to be immensely difficult and their verification on any interesting knot or class of knots constitutes an important advancement of knowledge. We propose to investigate one of these conjectures — the so-called Jones slope conjecture — on some infinite families of knots.

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