Ryan Watson

Queensland University of Technology


Ryan is a second-year student at the Queensland University of Technology studying a Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Information Technology. His University studies have provided him the opportunity to further his knowledge in these fields and assist with his passion for solving real world problems. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys playing video games, reading and doing CrossFit.

Extracting Insight Into Advection-Dispersion Processes Through Moment Analysis

Recently, the Project supervisor, Dr Elliot Carr, studied the temporal moments of multilayer diffusion processes. His research derived simple formulas for the first moment which were demonstrated to provide useful insight into how diffusivities and length of the individual layers affected the time required for the process to reach steady state. The proposed AMSI VRS project will investigate extension of this analysis to advection-dispersion processes in layered media. The aim of the project will be to determine what information can be extracted from the temporal moments of advection-dispersion processes and the insights that this provides into the fate and transport of contaminants in groundwater.

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