Tamara Tambyah

Queensland University of Technology


Tamara is in her third year of a duel Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Physics, at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is interested in multiple areas of mathematics, namely applications of differential equations and linear algebra.

In 2015, Tamara completed a Science and Engineering vacation research project at QUT where she explored mathematical models for droplet impaction. Completing this project sparked her interest in research in applied and computational mathematics. Tamara completed a semester abroad at the University of Leeds (UK) in 2016, where she continued her studies in mathematics and physics.

While being a dedicated and high achieving student, Tamara is a voluntary Science and Engineering mentor who provides peer tutoring.

Incorporating FUCCI technology in discrete random walk models of collective cell spreading

In this project we will develop lattice-based random walk models that incorporate cell migration, cell-to-cell crowding, and we will represent the various ages of cells within the cell cycle as a series of interacting subpopulations. Numerical simulations will be used to explore how the population-level behaviour depends on the individual-level mechanisms. To provide more formal insight, we will apply averaging arguments to produce a series of new continuum reaction diffusion models that can be used to describe experiments performed with FUCCI. These new mathematical models will take the form of coupled nonlinear reaction diffusion equations, and we will explore their solution using numerical approaches.

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