Vivien Yeung

University of Wollongong


Vivien is a second-year student studying a Bachelor of Mathematics at the University of Wollongong, with majors in Mathematics and Applied Statistics. Fascinated by the ability of mathematical modelling to explain real-world phenomena (somewhat) accurately, she has developed a deep appreciation for its applicability in addressing problems in various fields including biology, chemistry and engineering. She also enjoys modelling as it allows her to learn about the world using a common skillset.  She is looking to gain modelling experience in as many fields as possible, particularly in relatively unexplored applications of modelling such as in food engineering and in the social sciences. She intends to complete her Honours in 2020 in applied mathematics.

Baking Cake: A Mathematical Model

Baking is an energy intensive process, involving simultaneous heat and mass transfer, that is ubiquitous in food industry. The development of predictive baking models is required to minimise energy consumption whilst maintaining product quality. A simple and accurate semi-empirical model has previously been used to model the transport phenomena inside a thin-slice of white cake. However, the parameter values and methods of estimation are not provided. To address this, the project will characterise parameter estimation methods for this model and use estimated parameters to generate moisture content and temperature profiles for a thin-slice of cake at different oven temperatures.

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