Maths Is Magic

By Alycia Winter, University of South Australia I have always been passionate about mathematics. This is due to how you can find it anywhere. You use it when you shop or when you cook. It is also [...]

Hill Equation

By Terry Shang, The University of Sydney This summer I looked at investigating a particular second order differential equation called a Hill equation. The study of differential equations is the [...]

My Math Story

By Samuel Schneider, Monash University Maths isn’t something I ever set out to study at university, it’s more something that I’ve fallen into. Growing up I liked how pure it was as a subject, how [...]

The Paper Plane

By Alexander Nunn, The University of Melbourne The paper plane. The perfect way to demonstrate both your ingenuity and your devil may care attitude towards life and gravity. The graceful and [...]

Complex Numbers

By Nicholas McLean, University of Adelaide In my project I was working with complex numbers and seeing how certain complex numbers behaved under certain functions. I then assigned each complex [...]

Unknotting Knots

By Adele Jackson, Australian National University One thing I love about maths is how much depth it adds to the everyday world. For example, knots – as in, the tangles you can tie in a piece of [...]

My Math Journey

By Robert Dusanovic, The University of Melbourne When I started at the University of Melbourne, I was sure that I would be completing a degree in Physics. Up until my 2nd year of my degree I saw [...]

My Math Story

By Jacob Crawford, The University of Newcastle To be honest, I’m not the kind of person that would boldly say, “I love math”. Sometimes I like it, sometimes it’s annoying, uncooperative and [...]