Effective magnetic properties of composites

Composite metamaterials with magnetic nanoparticle inclusions have effective
electromagnetic properties distinct from that of their constituent materials. Many
approaches have been developed to calculate effective magnetic permeability of
composites, but surprisingly few of these account for the anisotropic nature of the problem
and evaluate permeability as a scalar quantity, rather than a tensor. The effective
permeability tensor can be found numerically by solving Maxwell’s equations using a finite
difference algorithm. This has been done before for composites with real permeability, but
the algorithm is difficult to solve when the permeability is complex. The aim of this vacation
scholarship is to solve for the complex effective permeability of a composite using a finite
difference method, coded in Python.

Anna Carpenter

The University of Newcastle

Anna is a third-year Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Mathematics student, majoring in Physics and Statistics respectively. Studying these two programs in conjunction has moulded her research interests in mathematical physics, particularly where there exists scope to apply programming solutions. After previous summers’ research experience in the areas of biophysics and solar technologies, she is looking forward to solidifying her growing interest in materials science with an applied mathematical focus. Anna intends on completing her Honours in Physics before moving into further postgraduate study of mathematical physics.
Outside of her studies, she enjoys tracking down an op shop bargain, crossing books off her Goodreads goal, and (in theory) going on a run.

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