3D Printing for Biofabrication

Biofabrication uses 3D printing to create artificial biological tissues. A new printing technique, called “melt electrospinning writing”, has been developed that involves melted polymers being stretched into fine threads via the application of an electric field. This project will model the fluid mechanics of thread formation/collection, using Matlab to achieve numerical realisations
of the model.

Jesse Tonkin

The University of Adelaide

Jesse Benjamin Tonkin is a student at the University of Adelaide in his second year of a Bachelor of Advanced Mathematical Science, majoring in applied mathematics and statistics. He has achieved impressive grades and numerous awards during his studies. His current research is in thread formation in melt electrospinning writing, aiming to model the flow under a variety of conditions. Optimising these factors will allow products made using melt electrospinning writing to have maximal strength.

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