A New Weyl Multiplet for 6D N=1 Conformal Supergravity

In supersymmetric theories, particles come in “multiplets” related by supersymmetry transformations. Supersymmetry, once made local becomes supergravity, which naturally unites matter and gravity.

A recent work by Butter et al. has obtained a new type of supergravity multiplet by coupling a
supersymmetric Maxwell theory (described using a so-called vector multiplet) to conformal supergravity.

In this project we will study minimal supergravity in six dimensions (D = 6, N = 1).
As extensions of recent work by the supervisor of this project, the aim is to construct a new off-shell, field-theoretic representation of the gauged, minimal superconformal algebra in five dimensions based on the coupling with a multiplet to the supersymmetric analogue of the electron.

Jesse Woods

The University of Queensland

Jesse Woods is a student studying a Bachelor of Mathematics/Science majoring in pure mathematics/physics at the University of Queensland. His areas of interest include classical/quantum field theories, mathematical analysis and geometry. Currently, he is researching supersymmetry and supergravity. He is the 2022 UQ Physics Club President, and also a fan of soccer and powerlifting.

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