Modelling Chemical and Biological Clogging of Permeable Reactive Barrier when Treating Acidic Groundwater

Clogging can occur in the permeable reactive barrier (PRB) used to treat acidic
groundwater, which reduces the PRBs effectiveness. For my project, I will be using partial
differential equations to model transient flow to determine when the clogging occurs and
the location. Therefore, it can be determined when to replace the PRB and where it needs
replacing. I will consider chemical and biological processes that lead to the clogging in my
equation and solve it analytically and numerically. Further information can be found in my

Lucy Dowdell

The University of Newcastle

Lucy will be completing her Bachelor Mathematics {Advanced), majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Newcastle. Lucy plans on completing her Honours in Applied Mathematics in 2023. She will also be commencing work as a Research Assistant in a Statistics project. Her main interest is using differential equations to solve real world issues.

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