Optimal Control in Stochastic Hydrodynamic Models: Rowing Across the Indian Ocean

In 2023 two rower teams will attempt a crossing of the Indian Ocean. My task will be to
incorporate stochasticity into existing deterministic hydrodynamic models to allow for
better recommendations for the rower teams.
Upon completion of this, I will use numerical stochastic optimal control methods to
optimise the path the rowers should take.
The main contribution will be the development of the stochastic control system as almost
all hydrodynamic models in use today do not account for uncertainty. Therefore, most
optimal control methods have been developed with assumptions that we can perfectly
model the underlying hydrodynamics (which is false).

Michael Nefiodovas

University of Western Australia

Michael Nefiodovas is a BPhil mathematics student and research assistant at the University of Western Australia, graduating at the end of 2023. Michael’s area of interest is in optimisation and reinforcement learning, in particular, applying optimal control and optimal decision making to real world processes. Michael has applied this theory in the context of optimal staffing and demand forecasting to save time and money in a university context. Michael’s research project will be focused on solving a stochastic shortest path optimisation problem to help in the world’s first rowing attempt from Australia to mainland Africa across the Indian Ocean.
In his downtime, you might find Michael playing netball with his team, enjoying time with his friends or listening to podcasts! Michael is always happy to chat, so reach out:).

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